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Content is the fuel of social networks. It is the most efficient means to attract, connect and maintain a community around your brand or organization. Call 800-882-5658 if you want to implement a strategy to gain leads and conversions within Linkedin, your most significant efforts should point to the development of first-class writings.

It is appropriate to know the particularities of this professional network so that your investment either in time, effort, or hiring a Linkedin marketing agency, give you the expected results.

What to publish?

To obtain the best performance in your content campaign, take in mind the particular characteristics of the audience. A small study of data science made by the social media technology agency Epictions analyzed the 5,000 most prominent articles in that professional network. These are some facts:

- In Linkedin, the interviews and the "How to" articles have high acceptance.

- Regarding the length of the paper, long pieces are the most read (2,000-2,500 words)

- The extensions of the titles of the top posts are between 5 and nine words.

It is also necessary that you take a few moments to go through your circles and the relevant groups in your industry, to know what is trendy and on which topics are the audiences most likely to read and share.

Remember the proper use of the keywords you want to position according to your organization and your objectives. Include this keyword "Linkedin" The algorithms of the platform give special treatment to those who refer to the development of activities within this community.

The Multiplier Effect

"Quality Content is the King" Never lose sight of that phrase. Although it seems commonplace, we must always emphasize that quality content is the key to success in digital business. On Linkedin, you can take advantage of its "Pulse" publications platform.

One of the most significant advantages of Pulse is that it sends a notification to all your first level contacts every time you make a publication. Every like, share, or comment will expose your brand beyond your network, multiplying the impact.

3 Winners of Linkedin Content

1. Write Timely

The events, trends, the new & innovative are aspects that arouse a high interest in the audience. People love to read or talk about what is under the spotlight this week. You can make your "How To" articles, but try to link them with something trend., to amplify the visits.

2. Think Outside the Box

Like you, there are millions of organizations creating content in your niche. To make a difference, you must think very carefully what you are going to write. Try to offer a different point of view to things, something new, intriguing and stimulating.

3. Make it Personal

One of the aspects that most influences a lead when your opinion into consideration when deciding a purchase is the “authority” People connect much more with the experiences of those who are writing, who are willing to reveal themselves to the audience. If you can not do it, try to make it “personal for your audience.”

You Can Count on the Best Linkedin Marketing Agency

Power to be Found offers you our broadest experience in the market for the development of your content. We can perform a Super Targeted Campaign that allows you to achieve high qualified dollars leads, through our PowerConnector Packages. We offer you affordable services for the achievement of your objectives, including the development of strategies to increase your sales. Request a free consultation, and our team of experts will develop a customized plan, which fits your requirements. You are a click away to succeed!


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