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Achieving a positioning that generates competitive advantages within the business world is not a simple matter. In Linkedin, there is no exception to that rule. Call 800-882-5658 you must develop a set of activities and strategies that allow you positive results, translated into leads and conversions. It is critical to know which are the basic strategies to increase your sales on this platform.

3 Essentials to Increase Sales Through Linkedin

1. Become visible

As in Google Linkedin, it uses keywords. In this sense, you must strategically select the keywords that you are going to stand. To find the right words, you can study your competition and other similar companies. Also, you can use Google's keyword planner to see which phrases are the most searched for to locate our services or products. Once determined, place the keywords naturally at:

- Profile’s Title

- Overview

- Description of each work/client experience

2. Get recommendations

Thi is an excellent strategy to gain the attention of the new Linkedin leads. Establish within your customer service culture to request the client’s verdict at the end of delivering your product or service.

At the time of requesting the recommendation, be specific. The idea is that you obtain a testimony that will generate results. To achieve this, structure your request in this way:

- Direct the application to a specific person (depending on the case).

- Remember the history of the commercial relationship.

- Express the objective you want to achieve with the recommendation: if it is to certify any field of expertise or to show results, achievements, user experience, or satisfaction levels.

- Try to include some of the keywords in your request, to influence your client to use them in writing.

3. Develop a Strategy for your Contacts Network

In networks such as Linkedin, it is necessary to define a strategic line for the growth of the community. To give an idea, these are two strategies, each with different characteristics and objectives:

- Open Network: It consists of accepting the whole world and inviting the entire world too. Headhunters and vendors widely use it. The advantage is that it reaches more people, but not necessarily the right audience.

- Strategic Network: In this case, it is about choosing your contacts wisely, and belong to the right circles; it is more a matter of quality than quantity. This tactic will allow you to position yourself in the circles of the people and companies that you want to know and have a closer relationship with them.

Do You Want to Boost Your Linkedin Leads?

PowerConnector Packages will allow you to perform these and many other strategies for your business, with the best in the field. You will be able to save time (and money) and dedicate yourself to your business’ core, while we take care of ours.

Our service includes an evaluation of your company and its objectives, to choose the wisest path to follow. Then in the implementation phase, we have the operational capacity to carry out massive campaigns on Linkedin for you (up to 500 connection requests for a week). Leave this hard work to the experts, and start seeing your business grow. Quote us or reach us by phone, our team will be glad to assist you.


Linkedin Leads
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