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The development of strategies to achieve conversions can be overwhelming. Sometimes it is difficult to determine in which points of the sales funnel you have to focus your efforts, to produce acceptable results. That is why 50% of marketers take advantage of different outsourcing strategies to alleviate the process on their webpages and in various social networks, such as Linkedin.

One of the most critical points is the generation of traffic. Without a right amount of people in contact with your content, products and services, you will not achieve the amount of potential enough for the business to survive. There are consequently different agencies and services that allow accelerating things. These include the Linkedin Lead Generation Softwares and other integrated and specialised services such as those available to Power to Be Found.

How much is enough?

It is essential to determine the number of people who must enter the profile of the organization to achieve a good ROI. A fair conversion rate for a company in the digital world is between 1% and 2% of the total traffic. It means that if a web page receives about 10,000 visits monthly, they should be expecting to convert between 100 and 200 of their users.

The fundamental problem (especially for companies with tight budgets) is that developing an internal campaign that achieves those goals can be unattainable, both in time and resources. It is there where the generating tools, automation and specialised services can become great allies.

Is The Lead Generation a Fair Practice?

In recent years there has been a heated debate about whether contracting services that generate traffic is a legitimate business strategy. The targeting of potential buyers is not new in business; it has existed for a long time. An example of this, is the commercial agreements between restaurants and tourist spots, with companies that offer travel packages. This benefits both companies: on the one hand, the place receives enough public to generate good sales, and the tourist company benefits from exclusive deals, discounts and distinguished attention among others.

There are even many famous and current celebrities who use this type of service to increase their popularity in social networks. The key is the hiring of companies with high prestige and experience, to ensure the use of legit techniques. Remember that the use of hacking tools or black hat practices can result in search engines banning their content, meaning the digital death of your business.

Always Count On Power to Be Found Experts

Cort Walbert has placed all his accumulated expertise through his 20 years of the trajectory at your service. His knowledge as an online marketing SEO enabled us to develop a set of tools such as Power to Be Found, and his business services for the corporate network Linkedin, through our PowerConnector packages.

We are ready to take your business to the next level, giving your strategies the necessary boost in the best social network for business development. If you are thinking of investing in external services such as LinkedIn lead generation software, or integrated marketing packages, we are the best option. You are one click away from re-launching your business to the top, get a free consultation today, and our team will offer you exactly what your business needs for success.

Linkedin Lead Generation Software
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Linkedin Lead Generation Software Linkedin Lead Generation Software Linkedin Lead Generation Software