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In today's business, standing out above the competition is a highly complicated issue, so Call 800-882-5658. The development of the digital world has put organizations in a race with the whole world. This has caused price wars and promises of value pass into the background. Here is where only branding (brand’s strength) can generate a competitive advantage.

To paraphrase Tom Peters, called "The guru of gurus" by The Economist and Fortune, the real differentiation of a company comes from its intangibles, such as credibility, values, identity, and particularity. According to the author, the brand is what defines an organization, and is much more than a logo and a marketing plan.

It is a story that you want to tell, the passion, motivation, and the drive of the company. You can develop these elements through what Peters calls "The three physical laws of marketing" that are "patent benefits," "a reason to believe" and "a big difference."

Linkedin is a professional network that can become the great ally of your organization to make that big difference, strengthening both your brand and your positioning. You may have the best Linkedin lead generation service, or maybe your marketing plan is the best in history, but without a well-worn branding, your effort will dissolve over time.

Why Linkedin?

This social platform is “the one” regarding the business development. These are some facts that allow understanding that if you want your business to last, you need to strengthen your brand here:

- It has more than 240 million users, located in more than 200 countries.

- 27% of these users enter daily.

- 3 million companies are already active on the platform.

- It has 1.5 million groups.

- The average user devotes 17 minutes a month to this social network.

- According to the Content Marketing Institute, it is the preferred social platform for content sharing (90%).

- A study conducted by LinkedIn claims that 50% of its users are more likely to do business with companies that make an active life in the portal.

How does this professional network help your branding?

These are some of the benefits that you will obtain from an appropriate development of your business account in this platform, which explicitly helps to strengthen your brand:

- Improves the natural positioning of your website.

- Increases web traffic

- Helps to capture new leads.

- It can attract excellent human talent, and position your company as a kind employer.

- Improves the digital reputation.

- It exposes the organizational culture of the company.

Power your branding by combining strategies

In addition to the branding development tasks, it is appropriate that in parallel you develop other tactics for Linkedin business development. An excellent way to do it is to have a Linkedin lead generation service, provided by a high prestige company like Power to be Found. This combination will make your enterprise profile to grow exponentially, and going hand in hand with experts will allow you to see reliable results faster, saving headaches, money, time, and effort.

Cort Walber our Founder & CEO brings to the industry his more than 20 years of experience in online marketing an SEO. He is one of the gurus of positioning, and of the generation of highly qualified leads, through our company’s PowerConnector Packages. Our organization is ready to generate a strategic plan in the short, medium and long-term that defines the path of your company towards success. Get a free consultation today, our tea ready to boost your business.


Linkedin Lead Generation Service
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Linkedin Lead Generation Service Linkedin Lead Generation Service Linkedin Lead Generation Service