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Are you looking for the best LinkedIn lead extractor on the market today? We at this moment introduce our intuitive tool, called PowerConnector, to target, find and convert your social media traffic into qualified leads. We have helped numerous businesses like yours. Contact us right away and learn the different packages of our product.

For several years now, we have helped startups and seasoned businesses achieve their lead generation objectives. As LinkedIn is the social media network for decision makers, we will help you convince them that you have the solutions to their problems. The following are the benefits of our LinkedIn lead extractor tool.

We will help you Tap into your Market

At PowerConnector, we do not discriminate on the type of industry you are. Do you sell insurance, financial services, electronics, home improvement appliances or clothes? Our lead generation service helps you to become the first among your competitors to close in on an untapped market.

It makes sense for you to capitalize on the new trend before it hits the masses. We are interested in working with startups because our LinkedIn lead extractor works best for these types of businesses. We intend to unlock the potential that abounds in LinkedIn traffic. We seek to set up an account, develop content and manage interaction on your behalf.

We will help you obtain leads faster and cheaper

At PowerConnector, we understand that an increase in conversion rates is the most important metric for your lead generation campaigns. We will help you hit new markets while leveraging on mobile advertising because after all, most of your leads access the internet while on the move.

We have actively optimized lead generation forms that attract the attention of your customers. In just one click, we persuade them to provide personal and business information. From this data, the tool can screen and serve us with a database of the most qualified leads. These are customers who have the right purchase potential and are interested in buying.

We help you optimize content

Our LinkedIn lead extractor tool scans through the database of qualified leads. We then intuitively determine the correct content that you should share on social media. Infographics, videos, images, and illustrations that your audiences can interact with are the best tools for keeping these leads active.

Search engines will then rank your LinkedIn account higher because it has managed to sustain a broad following. When people hit your inbox with questions and clarifications, then you know your lead generation approach is working. Search engines will automatically rank you higher than your competitors, further increasing your revenue chances.

What we need to do now

We seek to create your online salesman in the form of an entirely optimized LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn profile includes a primary photo, a health check of your profile, summary, headline content and appropriate call to action. We will then conduct a free 2-hour consultation to establish the needs of your business.

A team of professional content creators will then set up your unique PowerConnector account and build scripts linking it to your LinkedIn profile. Contact us today and understand more details of PowerConnector today.

Linkedin Lead Extractor
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Linkedin Lead Extractor Linkedin Lead Extractor Linkedin Lead Extractor