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The essence of the business world has not changed, to achieve having clients you need to obtain leads. Technology and advances in the digital world have only changed the means and strategies to attract potential customers. In that sense, social networks have become an essential part of the business, is one of the primary sources of new business prospects.

Most of the businesses focus their attention on the most popular platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as invest and carry out extensive campaigns through email or ads. However, few discover and take advantage of the immense potential of the Linkedin platform to develop networking and business.

You can increase the potential of your business’ profile on this website; there are two methods. On the one hand, you can perform the tasks on your own, and on the other, you can hire the Linkedin lead builder services from prestigious outsourcing. It is necessary to understand the particularities of each one, to decide the strategy to be implemented.

Method 1: Do It By Your Own

You can efficiently develop your network of contacts and the community in Linkedin around your brand or company. For this, you should carry out the following steps:

- Optimize your business’ profile.

- Create your group (and growing it)

- Once the group become big enough, you must generate a list of leads (500 at least)

- Connect with the members of your list

- Engage with your members and then close

Carrying out this method requires a diversion of resources to carry out the campaign. In the first place, to perform all the tasks mentioned, you or a member of your team needs to dedicate time to the construction of the community (the best way is to add content, and that takes time, effort and money).

Take in mind that high expertise is needed to succeed. At the content level, for example, you have to put the precise words from the slogan, profile, articles, and posts to attract the lead. Finally, background and experience are necessary to be able to evaluate the strategies in real time, and make the required changes on the go, so that the campaign can increases sales.

Method 2: Hire An Outsourcing Linkedin Lead Builder

This option consists of hiring the professional services of a company specialized in the subject, such as the PowerConnector packages offered by Power to be Found. The apparent "disadvantage" is the monetary investment, but observe the advantages, so that you can see the strategy in perspective:

- The outsourcing consultant has the necessary know-how to achieve a successful campaign. They have years of experience in the field and can generate the content and strategies appropriate for the industry of your brand or business.

- It is a company that will dedicate time to your business, allowing you can concentrate on your core business. Neither should you allocate additional human resources, gaining efficiency.

- It is not a canned formula. Part of the process includes a 2-hour interview where the characteristics and objectives of your company or brand are carefully determined, to carry out an effective campaign.

In the end, it is true that implies a cost, but it is not an expense. It is an investment that will give you positive results, by exponentially increasing your leads, and eventually your conversions. If you want additional information, request a free consultation, our team will gladly assist you.

Linkedin Lead Builder
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